LeBron James Left This Poor Guy Hanging On TV Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

OK, so it doesn’t look like LeBron ever actually saw that guy who reached his hand out hoping for a bit of Bron love after he’d finished methodically dismantling the Nuggets, finding open man after open man while scoring a game-high 27, instead focusing his attention on the friends he was chatting with. Still: poor ol’ regular Joe doesn’t get a high five from big bad Finals MVP/Olympic gold medalist/best player on earth LeBron? Irresistible, right?

OK, fine, look, we’ll level with you: the whole “making fun of LeBron” thing is tougher since he won a title, OK? Bear with us. Just let us have this. Come on, it’ll be fun, just like old times. See, check it out here:

Here’s the deal: it’s either this, or hairline jokes. You think we can keep stretching those indefinitely? Us neither. Let’s just face it, it’s a bear market for LeBron jokes these days and – hey, wait… wait for it… almost there… think I have it now… here goes… Stretching indefinitely: sounds like LeBron’s headband size!

Nailed it. We’re back. LeBron jokes are in again. Tell everyone. This is gonna be huge.

[h/t CJ Fogler via Ball Don’t Lie]