LeBron Arrived At The Staples Center In Style With This Tiny Handbag

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier today you read about Dennis Rodman’s interesting choice in fashion accessories, but something LeBron James was filmed carrying into the arena prior to his Heat’s matchup with the Lakers might actually have Rodman beat. Via our own CJ Fogler:

You might call that a purse, you might call it a toiletry bag, but what you have to call it is tiny. That thing is bordering on this territory. What can he even keep in there? In the previously-linked post, Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer suggested “straight razors, scotch whisky, and creamed spinach,” but I’m not sure there’s room in there for anything but the razors.

Or: wait. Wait a second. I got this. I know what LeBron’s got in there. Yes, that bag is so small that he must be using it to tote… all his championship rings! HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [high fives bystander] [thrusts pelvis] [blows air horn] [thrusts pelvis] [chest bumps bystander] [pumps fist several times in rapid succession]

Nailed it. Here’s another (video) look at the bag, from SI’s Jimmy Traina: