Heat Fan Wins $75K, Gets Tackled By LeBron

  • Joe Levine

Last night, one lucky Miami Heat fan made a hook shot from mid-court to win $75,000. A bear hug from LeBron James was apparently also part of the deal.

The Heat fan was just participating in a typical “make this shot, win a prize” promotion at last night’s game between the Miami Heat and visiting Detroit Pistons. Somehow, while shooting a hook shot (in this case, an extremely generous description for a one-armed fling), the fan hit the shot and won $75,000. That would be cool enough on its own. That’s where LeBron comes in.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the Miami Heat at all and I really don’t like LeBron James. That being said, you have to love this video. Props to LeBron for celebrating this moment with one of the fans like a fan without crushing him with his giant body.

Take a look at the video, via the NBA: