America: Which Duo Is The Miami Heat Karaoke Champion, Birdman/Mike Miller Or LeBron/Wade?

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier this morning, we did our part to bring Mike Miller and Chris Andersen’s performance at teammate Shane Battier’s karaoke event to the world’s attention. Speaking of, here it is, if you haven’t seen it:

But know that these weren’t the only Heat players going all-out on stage. No, the big guns were there too – we’re talking LeBron and Wade. LeBron, remember, is no stranger to giving his all for Battier’s event – last year, he donned a Rick James wig and danced the night away. Well, he didn’t play dress-up this year, but this time, he had some company for his performance… from both his teammate and a fan:

Part of us wants to downgrade LeBron for not getting dressed up this time… but since he started off singing Michael Jackson, lt’s face it: dressing up probably would have been an unsettling distraction. And whatever points he lost for that (and, uh, not exactly being the greatest singer in the world), he – and Wade, once he joined in – got back for degree of difficulty (his assignments, we think, were tougher than rapping “Ice Ice Baby”), level of enthusiasm, and use of an audience member to great effect.

It was a spirited enough performance that, as fr as Heat karaoke duos are concerned, we’re going to go ahead and give the edge to LeBron and Wade. While that might make it look like we’re just giving preferential treatment to the stars, know that we’re trying to keep basketball ability entirely out of this discussion.This is about what they did on that stage, and to us, the enthusiasm of LeBron and Wade puts them over the top here, and makes them unofficial 2013 Miami Heat Karaoke Champions. But w’d like input from you, the reader. You’ve got both videos above. Who did it better? Let us know in the comments.

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