LeBron Wishes D-Wade A Happy Birthday By Reminding Him He’s Not As Bad At Basketball As Everyone Says

  • Jake O'Donnell

Wishing a friend “happy birthday” shouldn’t be very complicated, unless, of course you try and say something poignant. “Everybody, I’d like to propose a toast to Jeff, whose friendship means so much to me, because I’m lucky enough to be one of the only people he’s friends with. Love ya buddy.”


That’s pretty much what LeBron did today on behalf of Dwayne Wade’s 32nd birthday. See if you can detect the awkward, backhanded compliment…

kingjames: Happy Bday to my running mate, homie, brother, and most of all straight up friend! The friendship we’ve created our rookie year at pre draft camp was pure and that’s why we stuck together from that point on! Obviously didn’t know we would eventually become teammates and do the things we’ve done so far. I came to Miami for 2 reasons. To play with U and to win championships and I can’t thank u enough for the sacrifice you’ve made since I arrived homie! No matter what happens in the future we stuck together like brothers for life. And no matter what they say, u still a BAD Mutha-Shut-Yo-Mouth out there on that court! @dwyanewade. Oh almost forgot u old as dirt! Boy you look 40. Hahaha! #TreyBallBDay #YouASuckaOnYoBDay

Wow. Thanks LeBron. Glad to know that “no matter what they say” I’m “still a BAD Mutha-Shut-Yo-Mouth out there on that court!” What do they say, by the way? LeBron? It’s my birthday, so please enlighten me as to what you hear, because I’d love to be reminded of my perceived shortcomings. You know what, that can be your present to me on this day, the 17th of January, 2014. Why don’t you just rattle off a few quotes from detractors who think I’m washed up because I’m clearly not the player I used to be, despite still technically being in my prime.

Go ahead, I’m listening…

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