LeBron’s Answering Machine, That You Can Actually Call, Was In A Nike Commercial After The Heat Win

  • Ricky Boebel

As you might have heard, a dark-horse team called the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last night. And with a championship comes a pre-recorded Nike commercial released moments after the Heat win.

The commercial included the full spectrum of celebrity, from Dr. Dre to Warren Buffet to Bill Russell. The most absurd part of the commercial is that it takes place in a fantasy land where one of the richest athletes in the world has an answering machine that takes cassettes. If you want to leave a message for a lowly Nike intern, call LeBron’s answering machine at 305-767-2226.

Next year, Nike should up the stakes and make a commercial of celebrities sending telegrams to Lebron. Telegrams are just about to come back into style, I can feel it.

[For The Win]