LeBron’s Bottle Flipping Skills Need Work

LeBron’s Bottle Flipping Skills Need Work
  • Jake O'Donnell

From a basketball perspective, LeBron James return to Madison Square Garden was rather uneventful. The Cavaliers made quick work of the Derrick Rose-less Knicks (as they should have), jumping out to a double digit lead early in the first quarter and never looking back. At one point, it became such an uninteresting game that LeBron and what Phil Jackson may have called “his teammate posse” began flipping water bottles from the bench onto the court.

That’s right — LeBron walked into NSG, dismantled the Knicks, got bored and started goofing off like an eighth-grader who finished the test early. If this wasn’t a complete “fuck you” to the Zen Master then I don’t know what is.

Another angle, courtesy of some courtside douchebag, below…

Jake O'Donnell

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