Let’s Compare The Humility Of Abby Wambach, The World’s All-Time Leading Goal Scorer, With Dwayne ‘Call Me Three’ Wade

  • Eric Goldschein

You might have heard that the Miami Heat won the NBA title last night. It’s been the dominant sports headline of the day, and we’ve covered it plenty.

You might not have heard that Abby Wambach became the all-time leading scorer in international soccer history last night. Not the all-time American goal scorer. Not the all-time women’s goal scorer. With 160 international goals to her name (to date), she has scored more than anyone else in the world.

Let’s watch Wambach break Mia Hamm’s international goals record with a four score performance yesterday against the Korea Republic (by the way — all four goals came in the first half):

Here’s what she said afterwards to The New York Times:

“I don’t think about how I sit in history and the books… At the end of the day tomorrow, the sun comes up and I still have to keep working on my game to get better. I think that’s what the best athletes do; they don’t dwell on their championships or records. As soon as you win one, all you want to do is find something new and move toward that.”

We should note that Abby was mixing metaphors a bit, and that the sun does not rise at the end of the day.

Let’s go back to basketball. Here’s Dwayne Wade’s interview after Game 7 last night, in which he refuses to answer questions from the media unless they refer to him as “Three” (for “three titles” or maybe “three times in this postseason that he actually made a difference”):

Can you imagine Abby Wambach ever asking to be referred to as “160”? Can you imagine her flaunting her accomplishments in front of national media? And yet, which of these athletes is getting most of the press this morning?

Now, look, I know it’s not a completely fair comparison. Wade was likely drunk. They are different people in different sports celebrating different milestones. This is not about Dwayne Wade hate, but Abby Wambach love. Big ups to Wambach for her incredible accomplishments. When we cross paths next, 160, I’m gonna buy you a big bottle of champagne.