Let's Try To Imagine Even One Possible Trade Destination For Raymond Felton

  • Eric Goldschein

raymond feltonIf you are in the New York City area today and you overhear shouts of pure joy followed by uncontrollable sobbing, it’s possible you live, work or loiter near a Knicks fan. It’s conference finals time, so you know it has nothing to do with the Knicks actually playing in a basketball game. It’s probably from this report, via KnicksBlog:

Knicks President Phil Jackson told point guard Raymond Felton during exit meetings last month that he will be traded during the offseason, a league source told SNY.tv.

“Raymond has been told he will be moved this offseason,” the source said.

Anyone who say Felton play this year knows he was one of the main reasons the Knicks were so bad. An NBA executive famously said he’d take college point guards and “30 NBA backups” over Felton this year. He was out of shape, often-injured, had terrible body language and was, generally speaking, not good at his job. This video says it all:

So, you’re going to trade this guy, huh? Who are you going to trade him to? Even for less than $5 million a year, would any team take on a guy who is, according to at least one exec, worse than everybody else at his position?

Who needs a point guard? No, better yet, who needs a bad point guard who is possibly facing jail time?

The Lakers? They were trotting out Kendall Marshall last year, and Steve Nash isn’t a lock to stay healthy past the first 10 minutes of the first game.

The Hawks? Outside of Jeff Teague the position is rather thin down in Atlanta.

The Pelicans? They have like eight guards, and none of them are very good, so why not add one more?

The Jazz? Trey Burke needs a mentor and there’s no way John Lucas III is better than Felton, right?

The Celtics? If Boston does end up trading Rajon Rondo, they’ll need a shitty guard to take his place to ensure full tanking measure have been taken.

That’s really it. And this assumes that none of these teams would take a point guard in the upcoming draft, which features high-level prospects like Dante Exum, Tyler Ennis, Marcus Smart and Shabazz Napier.

Moral of this story: It’s all well and good to say you’re going to trade Raymond Felton. But is that actually possible? The Knicks will also need to get back, or have the assets to trade for or sign, another point guard. Derek Fisher will be available, but he might already have a job after this year: Knicks coach.

Additional moral of this story: The Knicks are a mess.

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