We Completely Agree With Everything This Little Kid Says

  • Dan Fogarty

“C’mon, man. I don’t want to see no rookies. I want to see you go smash the ball from half court or something.” This, and pretty much everything else this young man says in his dining room, are all fair points. I think we can all get behind this.

The lineup for the Slam Dunk contest currently consists of Indiana’s Paul George, Houston’s Chase Budinger, New York’s Iman Shumpert and Minnesota’s Derrick Williams, a far cry from the days of Dr. J, Michael Jordan, or anyone else of note. We know star players don’t want to risk embarrassment — by the way, this is what embarrassment in the dunk contest looks like —  but there has to be a way we can get some bigger names back in this thing. We’re looking directly at you, Blake Griffin. Video via SalsaMon25.