Watch Your Back In Lob City — You Might Get Hustled

  • Eric Goldschein

The Clippers had a chance to close out their series against the Grizzlies last night at home. Though they were eventually bested by Memphis, for one shining moment all seemed right in Los Angeles (unless you’re a Lakers fan, which is soooo 2002). Blake Griffin gave up his body, came up with the rock, and got it ahead to DeAndre Jordan for a tremendous slam.

It’s rare to see this kind of passion and hustle from your stars. Diving on the floor for the loose ball is usually something for the Charles Oakley-types. But strained knee or not, Griffin was going to get that ball. (Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t note that, ha ha, Marc Gasol’s face gets into Griffin’s crotch. Insult to injury.)

This would spark a big run that helped the Clippers take the lead, which they would later relinquish thanks the Memphis front court. Game 7 is Sunday in Memphis — only then will we see if the Clippers have a few more plays in them like this one, or if the Grizz will come up big (as in, very wide and tall and good at basketball) again.