Look At All The Famous People In This One Crazy J.R. Smith Celebration GIF

  • Eric Goldschein

What’s better in this GIF: Smith’s combination windmill/Sun God prayer dance, or all the celebrities and former athletes captured in the background?

My famous person count: J.R. Smith, John Starks (the last Knick the win the Sixth Man of the Year award and former holder of the title “Knicks Guard That Can Seriously Yam It In The Playoffs”), Spike Lee, Louis C.K. (with the most amazing face he’s ever made captured on film), Bernard King, Walt Frazier and Steve Schirripa. Did I miss any in this shot?

According the Gothamist other celebrities in attendance included Patrick Ewing, Phil Collins, Chris Noth, Steven Wright, Diddy, Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller and Jake Gyllenhaal. Crazy what happens when the Knicks are relevant again, huh?

For those of you who couldn’t care less which rich people are taking all the good seats at the Garden, here’s the play that sparked it all: