Look at LeBron James Not Look At Where This Pass Is Going, And Still Hit Dwayne Wade Perfectly

  • Eric Goldschein

Things are starting to pick up for the Miami Heat. After trailing at the half, LeBron and Dwayne Wade helped their team take a third quarter lead with some aggressive play (and shots that actually go in the basket). The highlight of an impressive 12 minutes was this dime from the MVP to his recently-struggling sidekick. No-look bounce passes are the best. Video after the jump.

A pretty pass in the lane that leads to an even sweeter finish — that’s the Heat we know and love hate appreciate. Both players scored 14 in the third.

As of this writing, the Heat are leading the Pacers 76-70 at the start of the fourth. It’s a rare late lead for the Heat — let’s see if they can hold it.

Video by CJ Fogler