Magazine: Lamar Odom Says Khloe Kardashian ‘Acts Like My Mother’; Won’t Even Let Him Have Candy

  • Rick Chandler

One would think that Lamar Odom would be accustomed to people bossing him around in life (Kobe Bryant, Mark Cuban, the DEA), but apparently not. Now Radar Magazine reports that the NBA free agent forward complains constantly that wife Khloe Kardashian runs his life and acts like his mother, even though the two are no longer living together. How does a thing like that work?

“She makes sure his assistant gets paid and is in contact with Lamar on almost a daily basis,” the source told Radar.

“It has always been this way in their marriage. Khloe is extremely controlling, almost to the point of Lamar feeling suffocated. It’s no secret Lamar loves candy and Khloe would nag him constantly about it when she was attempting to lose weight earlier this year. It wasn’t about the candy, it was about Khloe getting her way, always. Lamar refused to give it up. He complained, ‘She acts like she’s my mother.’”

The two recently had their fourth wedding anniversary, and Odom gave his lady … nothing, apparently. Holy smokes. In return, Khloe dropped the “Odom” from her name on Instagram. Yes, it’s true love. New York Daily News:

Instead of getting the traditional wedding gifts of fruit or flowers from Odom, Kardashian, 29, showed off an engraved crystal she received from her two best friends — twins Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

It’s the latest in a string of not-so-subtle messages that she isn’t happily married. On Sept. 24 Kardashian removed her joint last name from her Instagram account and now her Twitter page reads the same.

Odom, arrested on Aug. 30 on DUI charges, was to be arraigned today, but that been pushed back to Oct. 10.