Majority Of Americans Rooting For Spurs In NBA Finals, Says Poll

  • Rick Chandler

If you supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election, you probably aren’t rooting for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, according to a survey conducted recently by Public Policy Polling.

Of those respondents who identified themselves as “very conservative”, only 15 percent said that they were rooting for the Heat in the Finals, while 42 percent were for the Spurs, and 43 percent were not sure. Of those who considered themselves “very liberal”, 20 percent were for the Heat, 30 percent for the Spurs and 50 percent unsure.

Overall, it was 20 percent for the Heat, 32 percent Spurs, 48 percent unsure (or, New Orleans Pelicans!).

It should be noted that Public Policy Polling is mainly a political survey company (it was incredibly accurate in the past two Presidential races). But it’s interesting to see this breakdown. Texas is a red state, and Florida can be considered a swing state, although the Miami metro area is blue. But “very liberal” voters still went for the Spurs, by 10 percent. Which is significant.

Draw your own conclusions.

Oh, and a slimmer majority are rooting for the Blackhawks over the Bruins — 23 percent to 21 percent, with 56 percent saying: “What’s ho-ckey?”

More Americans are rooting for the Spurs in the NBA Finals [USA Today]