Today In “That’s Just Not Fair”: The 7’5″ High School Basketball Player

  • Tom Lorenzo

In order to describe high school basketball player Mamadou Ndiaye, we probably first need to set some guidelines. At 6’8″, LeBron James is really tall. At 7’2″, Shaquille O’Neal is enormous. That would mean that at 7’5″, 17-year-old Ndiaye is super-duper-freaking tall.

Ndiaye, who wears a size 19 shoe, plays a great grab, turn and dunk game, which at times translates into him playing basketball. When you consider that he has nearly 2-plus feet on the competition, watching him play is like watching a grown man play against a group of small children on a 6-foot basketball hoop. It’s just not fair. In fact, it’s more funny than anything else. You can tell how frustrating it must be to line up against him just by the way the opposing team’s fans give their center a standing ovation just for winning the opening tip. One small victory… Watch:

It is somewhat of a feel good story, since Ndiaye did have a tumor removed from his pituitary gland, which is what’s believed to have caused his insane growth spurt. All signs point to Ndiaye being in good health. As for the kids who have to defend him from one night to the next, I imagine that little Timmy can’t wait for baseball season to start.

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