Manu Ginobili’s Shoulder Put Blake Griffin’s Tooth Right Through His Lip

  • CJ Fogler

That’s a nasty looking cut on Blake Griffin’s lip, and nobody is accusing him of flopping on this play.

With 3 guys converging on a loose ball, there’s bound to be some contact, but it happened so fast it was hard to see what really happened, just that it left Blake Griffin down, and when he finally got up and play stopped we saw a pretty nasty looking cut on Griffin’s face. Turns out he ran into Manu Ginobili’s shoulder.

Other than seeing a nasty cut, we were unable to really tell just how it happened in the collision but with Vinny Del Negro mic’d up, we got to hear him tell Joey Crawford – who was remarkably unimpressed.

Blake will return, he has to as the Clippers’ season hangs in the balance, but I’m guessing he’ll be drinking from a straw for a while tomorrow.