Manute Bol’s Son Also Plays Basketball, Hits Threes, And Is Extremely Tall

  • Glenn Davis

When Manute Bol died two years ago, it was especially sad for many reasons. He was way too young, at 47. He was a fan favorite when he played for the Bullets, Warriors, Sixers, and others. And most importantly, he worked tirelessly to support his native Sudan. He donated much of the money he ever made to that cause, and even did gimmicky things like appear on celebrity boxing shows and sign one-day minor league hockey contracts, essentially making himself a punchline, to raise money and awareness. For a guy willing to go to those lengths to help others, Bol’s fate seemed particularly undeserved.

So maybe that’s why we were as happy as we were to see the clip below, the clip showing that even beyond his charitable efforts, Bol left a legacy behind – in the form of his 10 children. One of those children, Bol Bol, is in seventh grade. It probably won’t shock you to learn he’s already 6-5. What might actually surprise you (though maybe it shouldn’t) is that he’s fond of shooting it from deep – and from the looks of things, he’s pretty good at it:

If he’s got the shot-blocking gene on top of that (assuming he’s got some substantial growing left to), then Bol Bol might be a talent to be reckoned with in a few years. We know we’re not alone in hoping he does – and that he can carve out a career of his own. As this post helps prove, though his career numbers (except for blocks) were modest, Manute Bol casts a long shadow. Here’s hoping Bol Bol can get out from under it long enough to start casting one of his own.

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