Mark Cuban Reveals The Origins Of Jason Kidd’s Coke Spill Tactic

  • Jake O'Donnell

Call it bush league. Call it cheating. Call it shrewd. Just don’t call it original. Turns out, Jason Kidd’s now infamous dropped Diet Coke was more of a Freudian spill than a desperate coaching tactic.

Well, it’s probably both, but still — Del Harris pioneered the move way back in 2011 (against J-Kidd, no less). Kinda reminds me of that part in the first Ninja Turtles movie when Splinter explains he learned Ninjitsu from watching his master Yoshi practice moves from his cage. Was Del Harris Jason Kidd’s master Yoshi? Was he the true inspiration for Kidd’s $50,000 boo-boo? We may never know.

Some still think it was a touching homage to Francesa. Either way, thanks Mark Cuban for bringing this to our attention.