Today In Extortion: Mark Jackson, Some Nude Photos, And An Ex-Stripper

  • Evan Sporer

Mark Jackson’s first season as an NBA coach went by the wayside as the Warriors played like…the Warriors. Jackson didn’t make too many headlines, although the team did ship Monta Ellis to Milwaukee, garnering some attention. But Jackson doesn’t have to worry about getting media attention now. The Smoking Gun is reporting Jackson was the victim of an alleged extortion plot by an ex-stripper with whom Jackson had an affair.

Now that’s a mouthful. To provide some background, we’ll start by mentioning Jackson has been married for nearly 22 years. Apparently, Jackson sent some naked pictures to Alexis Adams—the ex-stripper in question—six years ago, while the two were engaging in an affair that lasted less than a year.

Per The Smoking Gun:

The FBI’s extortion probe began in late-April, a few weeks after Jackson was approached by a stranger at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee (where the Warriors were playing the hometown Grizzlies). The man–who Jackson later identified as Shaw–showed the NBA coach a “folder containing some of the compromising photos” and a CD that he said contained “recordings of voice mail messages” that Jackson “left for Adams during their affair.”

Apparently, Shaw tried to get Jackson to follow him into the parking lot. Jackson handed him $5,000 in cash in exchange for the photos, and destroyed them.

The ordeal only got stranger. More from The Smoking Gun:

An FBI review of text messages exchanged by the alleged extortionists revealed that on April 3, the day Jackson handed over the $5000, Adams sent Shaw a message stating, “Concentrate and fuck him up! he is a Fake ass man of god,” an apparent reference to Jackson’s work as a ordained minister.

Later that day, Shaw texted Adams to report, “This nigga left me some tickets smh.” The concluding acronym, as pointed out by the FBI, “is a common shorthand for ‘shaking my head,’ indicating disgust or disappointment.” The text from Shaw included a photo of “two tickets to a basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies that took place at 7:00 PM on April 3, 2012,” according to the FBI affidavit.

We’re glad the FBI is able to decipher the acronym that is “smh.” Good to know those guys can decode such cryptic text.

The story gets quite crazy. Jackson apparently at one point offered $35,000 to Shaw to put an end to the issue. The extortionist then countered by requesting $185,000. Jackson then bumped his bid up to $200,000. Really makes you wonder if the Warriors will go out and irresponsibly spend past the salary cap.

[Via the Smoking Gun]