Masterbeef Theater: Memphis Grizzlies Radio Guys Play Some Ribs At Halftime Of Playoff Game

  • Jake O'Donnell

Entertainment. Integrity. Basketball. The three pillars of the NBA.

During halftime of last night’s Griz/Clips Game 4, ESPN Memphis radio dudes Chris Vernon and Gary Parish played a 20 second game of pick-up ball against three varieties of ribs. Kansas City dry rub, hickory-smoked, and good ol’ Memphis BBQ. Consider them the southern/cholesterol rich version of the California Raisins.

It was terrible, unlike “The Ribs,” however, who were delicious.

No one passed, KC dry rub actually kicked Gary Parish to the ground, and fans ate one of the costumed men after the game. On the bright side, Memphis whupped Dunk City 104-83.

H/T Deadspin