Matt Barnes Won’t Stand For Lamar Odom’s Kindheartedness

  • Matt Rudnitsky

With his Los Angeles Clippers leading the Denver Nuggets by 19 with just seven minutes left, Lamar Odom took out Kenneth Faried, unintentionally. As many decent sportmen would do, Odom stuck out his hand to help Faried up. It was Christmas, fergodsakes.

But noted miscreant Matt Barnes wasn’t having it, stifling Lamar’s attempt at kindness.

It’s pretty pathetic, pretty strange and absolutely hilarious. Matt Barnes probably knocks down old ladies crossing L.A. streets if they look like Lakers fans. Hey, lady. You look like you had already formed your allegiance by the ’70s when we came around… I don’t believe that CP3 shirt you’ve got! Down you go! I don’t help enemies!

Harrison Barnes would like you all to know that there’s no relation.

h/t reddit