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Matt Bonner Reimagines Tim & Eric’s ‘Sports’ Video With Spuran Spuran’s ‘Spurs’

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’re not a big Matt Bonner fan, you’re probably not a big Tim and Eric fan, either, which also means you’re probably not a fan of “iced canes” or “diamond bags” or “sand ball” and definitely not “helmet touch.”

Matt Bonner and his brother, Luke Bonner, however, are big T&E heads and they’ve collaborated to make an intentionally lo-fi homage to “Sports” involving Aron Baynes (keytar), Kawhi Leonard (drums) and Patty Mills (just standing there).

“It only took an hour and a half to shoot the whole thing but I edited it and that took me forever to do,” Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs said about the shot-for-shot recreation of the Adultswim classic. “It was a total team effort though. The guys were great sports and we had a blast shooting it. We did it mainly to entertain our fans and make them laugh.”

Hey Matt, any chance you can get Tony Parker in some tiny shoes for a “Petite Feet” video? Thanks.


Jake O'Donnell

Jake was hatched from a large egg in 1999, fully formed. His hobbies include sports, writing, and accumulating hobbies. He considers his body is a temple. A very oddly shaped temple. (@_jakeodonnell)