The Mayor Of Boston Credits “K.J.” And “Hondo” With Leading The Celtics To Victory

  • Eric Goldschein

We aren’t sure who these K.J. and Hondo are, but they must have some type of background role in the organization. Strange, because their names sound so familiar.

All things considered, Tom Menino seems like a nice enough guy. He looks and sounds like your typical Bostonian, complete with saying the word “heart” like “haaart.” But if you’re going to be the mayor of sports crazy Boston, you should at least know a few names to rattle off when the need arises. It’s not like these guys are new to town, either. They sort of won a championship already.

So, did he really mean to say K.J., as in Kevin Johnson, and Hondo, as in John Havliceck? Something tells us that he did not. But apparently he’s done this kind of name-botching before, and he’s the longest-serving mayor in the history of Boston, so we look forward to many more years of having no idea what the hell this guy is talking about.

h/t Larry Brown Sports