Meanwhile, The Spurs Are Super Sad

  • Eric Goldschein

Let’s remove our collective head from the collective lap of the Miami Heat for a moment, wipe our mouths, and see what the San Antonio Spurs got up last night after losing the NBA Finals. The Spurs were literally moments from a title on Tuesday, only to see their lead, then their series lead, then Game 7 slip away. Losing an epic championship series is hard for any team, but for the Spurs — a franchise so accustomed to winning — it must be particularly tough.

The guy who took it (and we project will continue to take it) toughest was definitely Tim Duncan, who as already noted missed a late layup and was upset about it. The usually emotionless big man was particularly monotone and morose last night, but it appeared to be from emotional exhaustion. He was just sad.

Here’s his post-game press conference, which ostensibly took place while the Heat were getting hammered:

“Game 7 is always going to haunt me.” Wow.

“…Back for what?” Man.

Rather than put you through the interviews of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, (though you can watch them on your own time through those links), let’s have some photos do the talking:


It’s official: The Spurs are super sad.

Photos via Getty