Meet LeBron James’ ‘Flopping Coach,’ Frank Calhoun

  • Rick Chandler

We all know that LeBron James is an elite flopper, but how did he get that way? Like you, I always assumed it had something to with Bane and the League of Shadows. Turns out however that The Rizzo Show on Cleveland’s Fox 8-TV has the real scoop.

Meet Frank Calhoun, “71 years young”, who claims that he taught LeBron how to flop. Come with us now for a behind-the-scenes look at the Frank Calhoun Flop Like A Pro Basketball Camp.

“If I could toot my own horn for a minute here, I was the first person to ever flop in a professional basketball game. It’s true. The year was 1962. I was playing for the Trumbull County Generals, in the Ohio Valley Basketball League. I was not a good basketball player. Couldn’t jump over a phone book. But I could hit free throws. The only problem was nobody would foul me. So, frustrated, one time I just fell onto the ground like somebody had pushed me.

“Well, the ref saw me laying there on the ground and he figured that someone must have fouled me, otherwise I wouldn’t be down there. So he called a foul. The rest is history.”

Parody video? What … what are you talking about? I totally believe every frame of this.