Meet The Brooklyn Nets Mascot: The BrooklyKnight

  • Joe Levine

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t the only ones who made their debut last night. Saturday also marked the premiere of the team’s mascot, the terribly-named BrooklyKnight. Get it? Because Brooklynite?

After a word from Nets guard Deron Williams, watch as the BrooklyKnight (God, I hate that name) descends from the rafters and makes his awkward debut before the horrified masses looking for any excuse to disown their home team. Oh, and be sure to pay special attention to the P.A. announcer as he gives special biographical information about the Nets mascot, including that he was “born from the beating heart of your Brooklyn”:


I look for pretty much any opportunity to bring up that I wanted the team to change their name after the move to “Brooklyn Mars” and make Mars Blackmon, Spike Lee’s character from the 1986 film “She’s Gotta Have It,” the official mascot. Imagine this as the template for so many Nets/Mars basketball promos:

Plus some sick black-and-white MARS jerseys? Man.

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