Melo Don’t Flop

  • Eric Goldschein

melo don't flopIn today’s NBA, a well-acted flop is as much a part of the game as a solid post move. Some of the league’s biggest stars have been (rightfully) accused of overreacting to getting hit, jostled, boxed out or otherwise touched, including none other the The King himself. And as much as Carmelo Anthony may deserve his reputation as a ball hog and a team-killer, we can say this for him: He doesn’t flop.

Watch his reaction to running directly into a screen set by Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins yesterday:

Now compare that to an eerily similar situation, when LeBron James was apparently killed by a Tyson Chandler screen in the playoffs two years ago:

Chandler was originally assessed a flagrant two on this play, but the call was downgraded to a flagrant one. No call on Melo’s play, despite a similar amount of shoulder being thrown in his direction by Perkins. Because Melo don’t flop.

He also don’t play for a good team, though, so joke’s on him.