Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Understand Salary Cap, Suggest Chris Paul Has Future In NY

  • Evan Sporer

Everyone remembers Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, at which Chris Paul toasted to the idea of joining forces with Amar’e Stoudemire and ‘Melo in New York to “make their own big three.” At the time, only Amar’e was on the Knicks’ roster. But after New York completed a midseason blockbuster trade for ‘Melo, Paul was later shipped to the Clippers. Then yesterday, after USA Basketball wrapped up a practice, ‘Melo walked through the media room and suggested Paul will still be a Knick in the near future.

As a die-hard Knicks fan, I can tell you firsthand how excited Chris Paul’s toast made me, despite how ludicrous I thought the prospect of the three players joining forces were. When the Knicks pulled off the ‘Melo trade, my interest piqued. But after signing Tyson Chandler to a four year, $58 million deal, and committing cap space to the likes of Steve Novak, Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, and most likely Jeremy Lin, I’m going to make this very clear for Carmelo Anthony.

The New York Knicks cannot sign Chris Paul.

It’s quite simple, actually. You don’t have to be a mathematician, just someone who understands which number is bigger than the other. Gasoline was poured on the fire speculating Paul may depart the Clippers when he turned down a three-year extension from the Clippers this offseason, but that was likely due to the fact the team can offer him a five-year deal that could eclipse the $100 million mark next season when Paul officially becomes a free agent. But the Knicks, who signed Stoudemire to a five-year deal worth nearly $100 million two years ago, simply would not have the money to sign Paul.

Let’s look at the facts:

This is the Knicks projected cap commitments—approximately—over the next three years. Again, it accounts for the fact that Lin and Fields have signed offer sheets with different clubs, but New York seems likely to match on Lin, and has expressed interest in matching on Fields. So, unless ‘Melo wants CP3 so badly in New York he’s willing to get traded to Los Angeles, it ain’t gonna happen.

h/t Larry Brown Sports