Memphis Grizzlies Guard Tony Allen Has No Idea Who Memphis Grizzlies Employee John Hollinger Is

  • Dylan Murphy

The Memphis Grizzlies recently hired ESPN advanced metric guru John Hollinger to be their Vice President of Basketball Operations. But not everyone reads ESPN, so not everyone knows who John Hollinger is. Take Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen, for example, who found himself in this brief Twitter exchange with Grantland’s Zach Lowe.

In case you were wondering, Allen does in fact know who Zach Lowe is. Though it seems that he does know Hollinger too because he follows him on Twitter. But Hollinger’s at the top of his following list, so the follow could have been post-Lowe exchange.

Of course this could all just be a case of “Why would you say this to me?” because Lowe’s tweet is seemingly out of the blue. Either way, the internet is a giving place.