Metta World Peace Grew Up With “Roach Friends”

  • Tom Lorenzo

When it comes to Metta World Peace, nothing really surprises us anymore. And to hear that he’s a one-time friend to roaches, that only seems to make perfect sense.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, World Peace was asked a question by reporter Melissa Rohlin about the toll that long road trips take on players. Naturally, World Peace thought she was speaking about roaches and then went off on a tangent about how he used to have “roach friends” who woke up in his cereal. It’s a common mistake most of us make. Why would she be asking him about “road trips,” as his team is set to embark on a six-game road trip. That wouldn’t make any sense. Watch:

You have to appreciate World Peace’s honesty. Seriously, there’s not a single player in the NBA I would expect to pick and choose the cities he prefers to travel to. You know that when he speaks, he’s speaking the truth. There’s no self-edit here. Which truly is refreshing.

[Ball Don’t Lie]