Metta World Peace Daringly Taunts, Rubs Head Of Noted Intimidator Avery Johnson

  • Glenn Davis

Metta World Peace is a lot of things, but one stands above all: fearless. What makes us say? Well, taunts obviously aren’t uncommon in sports, but World Peace didn’t just taunt anyone last night – he taunted Nets coach Avery Johnson. Here’s how:

And he’s lucky to be alive right now, Metta is. Because that Avery – he’s an intimidator. Don’t believe us? Just look at him during his playing days (he’s No. 6). And if that stature wasn’t enough to get you, just listen to him when he’s not happy:

And when Avery’s really upset? He is NO MAN TO BE MESSED WITH:

And this is the man Metta World Peace – a mere nine inches taller and 85 pounds heavier than Johnson – dared cross. Why, this was such a breach of etiquette we wouldn’t be shocked of Johnson gave World Peace a real stern talking-to afterward. And then, put in a world of hurt by that booming voice, World Peace would have been sorry.

[Ball Don’t Lie]