Metta World Peace Is “Too Sexy For His Cat,” And Apparently That’s How He Recovered From Injury So Quickly

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Metta World Peace fights for his pacifist ideals by day, makes corner threes and plays defense for a barely mediocre superteam by night. He says crazy things, because you know what they say: drugs are one hell of a drug. Here’s a piece of World Peace’s postgame interview, where he shows off why we still talk about him even though he’s just a decent, aging player.

OK, it’s fantastic, and World Peace’s adaptation of Right Said Fred’s lyrics to his own unique situation was creative (yet not unexpected for a talented recording artist like himself). Never change, Metta, because other NBA players make sense, and that’s no fun.

The Lakers are the most talented bunch of grandparents in league history, yet they still remain sexy. Sexy grandparents. Let that image stick in your head for a bit.

[Ball Don’t Lie]

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