The Miami Heat Shattered The Over/Under For Their Bar Tab At Club LIV Last Night

  • Evan Sporer

The saying goes, go big or go home. After last night, I don’t know if the Miami Heat will ever be able to “go home” after going so big.

Hours after winning the franchise’s second NBA Championship, players and personnel began arriving at Club LIV, where the team held its celebratory bash last night. Last year, the Mavericks dropped $110,000 at the same club, and Busted Coverage set the over/under at the Heat’s bar tab at $147,000. Soon after, picked up on that number, and actually were allowing people to place bets based on that over/under.

Let’s just say, we hope you picked the over.

According to the Miami New Times, the Heat managed to drop over $200,000 last night. Like the Mavericks, the Heat shelled out the money to purchase the super-pricey Ace of Spades champagne, which Dwyane Wade can be seen with here:

Other highlights included LeBron James rapping with 2 Chainz and LMFAO while wearing a LeBron James vampire shirt. Some background on his shirt: Jay-Z and Kanye West wore the same shirts (but of themselves, of course) on their Watch the Throne tour. Wade was also wearing some “Team No Sleep” shirt. We don’t know what “Team No Sleep” is, but we’re guessing the Heat got very little rest last night.

Here’s video of LeBron on the mic with LMFAO, vampire shirt and all:

Pretty cool image via the Heat’s DJ Irie (yes, they have their own DJ) of last night’s festivities, with Masters of Ceremony James and Wade:

[Images via World Red Eye]