And Now, The Mashup Every Heat Fan Is Probably Terrified Will Jinx The Winning Streak

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Heat will put their 27-game winning streak on the line tonight when they travel to Chicago to face the Bulls. The Bulls are the first team the Heat have played in a while that may actually draw some apprehension before the game. (But if some of the Heat’s close calls during the streak have taught us anything, it’s that even the worst teams pose a threat when they’re fired up and the Heat aren’t.) The Bulls are 6 point underdogs, but no Average Joe is betting against the Heat, so that’s probably inflated. Chicago has a tiny semblance of a chance of breaking the streak, and that’s saying a lot. It could happen.

Add the semi-legitimate threat to this jinxtastic mashup by DJ Steve Porter, and TONIGHT MAY BE THE NIGHT.

We’re truly sorry for the Harlem Shake cameo.