The Miami Heat’s Intro Video Is Fantastic In The Worst Way

  • Dan Fogarty

Like most NBA teams, the Miami Heat have a little intro video for home games before they take the court. Unlike most NBA teams, that intro video features players standing in front of their neon-lit names with popped collars and scarves. So, yeah, it’s basically the most Miami Heat thing ever.

LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are probably comfortable with this set-up (remember this?). But you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen Mike Miller mean-mugging in a denim suit, or Michael Gladness standing, arms crossed, in front of a screen that says “Michael Gladness” in giant shiny letters. It’s forced, uncomfortable, and great all at the same time.

And yes, there’s an Eddy Curry sighting at the 37-second mark. Video here:

[The Big Lead]