How Would Passive-Aggressive Hipsters Recap The NBA Finals? Like This Hilarious NPR Parody.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You have heard many accounts of the 2013 NBA Finals. You’ve heard it from smart people. From a funny, old Hispanic man. From moron bandwagoners that thought the Heat lost in 6 games.

What’s left?

A faux-take from NPR by the funny men of Official Comedy, of course. It’s a must-watch if your sense of humor is as dry as Gregg Popovich’s taste in white wine (note: take my made-up assumption that he likes dry white wine, because he likes wine and I wanted to make a hilarious wine joke to lead into the hilarity).

The Hot Apparatuses of South Florida are your Basketball League Prevailers, in some people’s opinions.

h/t Hayley