Miami Heat Tickets Are Actually Cheaper For The First Round Than They Were In The Regular Season

  • Eric Goldschein

birdman heatAt an average price of $233, the Miami Heat had the most expensive 2014 regular season tickets of all the NBA teams in the playoffs. But because the Heat are now fixtures of the NBA Finals, next week’s first round games are actually 3.5 percent cheaper than in the regular season, according to a list compiled by Forbes.

Assuming the Heat get the second seed, they’ll play the Bobcats. That matchup must not sound appealing to Miami residents, who likely expect the Heat to cruise into the next round and would rather save their money for a Bulls or Raptors game.

Speaking of the Raptors, their ticket prices are through the roof: Forbes found that ticket prices in Toronto are up 242.5 percent, considering there will no be Maple Leaf playoff games and this is the Raptors’ first playoff appearance since 2008.

Go here to see the full list, and notice how the Blazers are only upping prices by 20.3 percent, the lowest percentage outside of Miami’s drop. Truly a team worth rooting for.

Photo via Getty