What Happened Last Night: Miami’s Streak Goes On, Tiger Won A Golf Tournament

  • Dylan Murphy

You missed quite the weekend in sports while you were doing whatever it is that you do. Here’s what you missed from last night in particular.

Miami extended its winning streak to 18.

Despite having lost two previous games against Indiana this season, despite facing the mounting pressure of 17 straight wins, despite a relatively quite 13 points, seven assists and six rebounds from LeBron James, the Miami Heat walked all over the Indiana Pacers. Mario Chalmers (!) led the team in scoring with 26, and by the third quarter this game was pretty much in the bag. The game mercifully ended at 105-91, and Miami’s winning streak is now tied for the 7th longest ever with the 2008 Boston Celtics.

And it’s probably going to keep going. Miami’s next 10 games are as follows: Atlanta, at Philadelphia, at Milwaukee, at Toronto, at Boston, at Cleveland, Detroit, Charlotte, at Orlando, at Chicago. Only Boston looms as a potential threat, given that they’ll be playing the third game in four nights, all on the road. Still, Boston hardly has the firepower to withstand Miami’s defensive pressure nor the defensive mettle to make stops consistently on the other end of the floor. So really this winning streak is only a matter of when Miami happens to lose, whether from tired legs or a bad shooting night or something else fluky. And, given the state of the Eastern Conference right now, a conference in which Indiana was supposed to be Miami’s biggest challenger, it seems rather certain that the Heat will coast all the way to the NBA Finals.

Tiger Woods won a golf tournament.

Did you know that Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major since 2008? For a while that “Will Tiger win another major?” talk wouldn’t subside, but five years dulls any persistent mumbling. Now that he’s rounding back into form – especially with this weekend’s win at Doral (his 76th career PGA win) – speculative admiration has returned. Will he, won’t he, is he the best, who’s the best, can he be the best, will he win another major. Sports have a way of dismissing character flaw and tucking its shame under a bed somewhere, and Tiger’s story is no different. He cheated on his wife? 4 under par!

There’s also this: Steve Stricker, who finished two strokes behind Woods in the final leaderboard, apparently offered him a bit of putting advice, which Woods took to heart. Stricker, as its known on the PGA Tour, is one of the putters ever. So Tiger thanked him at the trophy presentation, Stricker said something about their friendship coming first and everyone was smiling and shaking hands and tipping caps. Of course on some level Stricker had to be a bit peeved – after all, the title would have been his had he just shut his mouth.