Michael Beasley Was REALLY Freaked Out By His Injured Finger

  • Glenn Davis

The Minnesota Timberwolves notched their first win of the season after three straight close losses last night, defeating the Mavericks 99-82. Wolves forward Michael Beasley couldn’t really enjoy the win, however: he injured his finger late in the game, and apparently, it looked bad. Maybe not this bad, but bad enough that it wasn’t something you’d really want to look at – especially if it was your injury.

Unfortunately for Beasley, he got a look. And he did not like what he saw. TV cameras showed him react in horror on the bench, and…well, it left us a little glad that we couldn’t really see the injury. Beasley’s reaction can be seen at the 1:19 mark below (video by @jose3030):

Not too hard to figure out what Beasley’s mouthing there, and if he could actually see his bone, that would indeed be an especially squirm-inducing sight. Fortunately, it apparently wasn’t actually the bone: Beasley said later he was told it was “just flesh and fat.” Still, cutting deeply enough to see the flesh and fat isn’t much fun either, and the injury required five stitches. But it’s way better than seeing your own bone protruding from the skin.