Michael Beasley Is Selling His Home, Erotic Figurines, And Other Weird Things

  • Dylan Murphy

Michael Beasley will be a member of the Phoenix Suns next season after signing a three-year, $18 million deal this offseason, so it’s time for him to pack up and get the hell out of Minnesota. But not before he sells a few things (besides his home).

Unfortunately, the estate sale is now over as it ended at 3:00pm central time, but you can still check out the list of many of the things for sale below (with pictures). Draw your own conclusions.


Something for everyone. This not-quite-right list wouldn’t be quite so right if it were, say, a normal yard sale. But Michael Beasley is Michael Beasley, and he does Michael Beasley things.

You should really check out Jake Nyberg’s Twitter for his play-by-play analysis of the estate sale, and some other choice tweets and photos.

[Jake Nyberg, via PBT]