This Is A Love Letter Written By Michael Jordan In High School

  • Glenn Davis

There’s plenty of NBA news to be discouraged about – lockout, and all that. So, in the interest of keeping your fragile spirits high, we present to you an NBA-related development that made us downright giddy – the release of a letter from 1980. What’s so special about this letter? Well, how about that it was written by a LOVESTRUCK TEENAGE MICHAEL JORDAN?!

Yes, it appears Jordan had quite a few things to say to one “Laquette,” and composed them in advanced chemistry class. The big topic at hand: apparently Jordan “made [her] look pretty rotten,” and he wanted to make amends with this “very pretty young lady.” Apparently, he at some point had some issue with her being much smaller in stature than Jordan himself (of course, Jordan is 6-6 and was probably at least approaching that height when he wrote this letter, so someone “much smaller than I” wouldn’t have been tough to find).

Some commenters here ragged on Jordan for his spelling and grammar, but let’s keep in mind he was composing this thing in class, and probably rushing it out. And as others have pointed out – Jordan displays some pretty impressive penmanship. Besides, any talk about any smaller issues obscures the real point: this is a love letter written by Michael Jordan in high school. And when Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine compared the handwriting to this, it looked like a match.

You can see small versions of both letters below; this post contains larger versions, as well as a transcript. We still love this way more than we should. “My dearest”? “Smaller than I”? “Pretty rotten”? “Pretty young lady”? He sounds like he’s from the ’50s! And it’s Michael Jordan? The letter:

Thumbnail via, illustration by SportsGrid