Michael Jordan Strikes Out Yet Again, As #9 Noah Vonleh Sucks And #11 Doug McDermott Looks Nasty

  • Jake O'Donnell

Being the “Michael Jordan” of something used to mean you were the best at it. Now, it should mean that you’re the best at doing it but the absolute worst at knowing who’s good at it. If we’ve learned anything this weekend from the Las Vegas Summer League, it’s that 6’10” Indiana big Noah Vonleh has a long way to go before he can start contributing on the NBA level, while the guy drafted two spots after him, Doug McDermott, already has Bulls fans forgetting that they couldn’t sign Carmelo Anthony.

Let’s compare the two, shall we?

In two Las Vegas Summer League games, Noah Vonleh is averaging 5 ppg, 12 rpg, and shooting 0.133% from the floor (just 3-23). Oh, and he’s averaging 6.5 fouls per contest — so that explains the impressive rebounding statistic (he’s just throwing bows in there).

Meanwhile over in Chicago (well, actually still in Vegas), Doug McDermott is averaging 20 ppg, shooting 50% from deep, all while playing three fewer minutes per game. Watch him explode for 31 points on 12 shots, here.

Sure, it’s early and this isn’t exactly the only measuring stick for these two players, however, it’d be hard not to point out Michael Jordan’s epically bad track record of identifying and drafting talented basketball players. Will Vonleh — someone who experts had the most questions about heading into the draft — be yet another failed attempt at making Charlotte relevant again?

Hey, you can change the name back but that doesn’t mean your next draft pick becomes Alonzo Mourning, especially when it appears that you passed up on the next Glen Rice.

Needless to say, Bulls fans should be stoked.

Photo via Getty