I Now Pronounce You Jumpman And Wife: Michael Jordan Tied The Knot Yesterday In The World’s Biggest Tent (PHOTOS)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Jupiter, FL – Michael Jordan, who apparently played basketball when he was younger, married his girlfriend of 3 years, former model Yvette Prieto yesterday at an understated event in his backyard.

Aww. Wait, is that a tent?

Yes. It is. And maybe the biggest wedding tent ever assembled. At 40,000 sq ft, Jeff Realty reports it’s 5,000 sq ft more than the puny 35,000 sq ft home it’s situated behind. It purportedly held 2,000 awesome guests, including Oprah, Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing, and Ahmad Rashad.

The sheer size of the structures surprised our source, the veteran of a dozen big deal weddings.“Three tents are being put up in his backyard, over the surface of two football fields,” he said. “I calculated a total under-roof space of about 600 feet long by 150 feet wide. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been working weddings for a while. (Terez Owens)

We’re glad for you, Mike. After the way the Bobcats (21-61) finished this season, you could use a multi-million dollar extravaganza where you get married to a former model. Sportsgrid wishes you better luck with your new marriage than you’ve had running NBA franchises (Sniffles..)

Images and Info Via Jeff Realty, H/T HuffPostSports