Michelle Obama Dunk-Videobombs Dwayne Wade For Healthy Eating PSA

  • Jake O'Donnell

With the obligatory “politics aside” statement aside, you have to love Michelle Obama’s enthusiasm and overall reinvention of the role of First Lady. Not only is she the most visible person to be married to the President, but she’s cool enough to hang with the NBA Champion Miami Heat, and clearly, the highest vertical leap in history of the position.

Not a lot of competition in the “former First Lady athleticism department,” but hey, it’s worth pointing out that she’s 50 and can move like she’s 25. Speaking of “moving,” the point of the impromptu PSA was to promote healthy lifestyles for kids via her LetsMove.gov initiative — which targets the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in America. Might we also point out that sports bloggers — despite being depicted as physical specimens and sex symbols — also suffer from, shall we say, breasts, and could learn a thing or two from visiting Mrs. Obama’s website.