Mickaël Piétrus On The NHL Lockout :”It’s Always Good To Be Mickaël Piétrus For One Day. Always.”

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You know, people in Canada actually care about this whole NHL Lockout thing. Especially in Toronto, where their next-best option (until baseball season) is to watch the Raptors, who despite their Canadian residency, five international players and allergy to winning, do play in our National Basketball Association.

So, theScore decided to interview some Raptors about their thoughts on the NHL Lockout, presumably wondering if the players were upset that Torontonians were actually noticing their existence and ridiculing their performance, rather than focusing all of their energy on the Leafs. (Side Note: Why are they the Leafs, and not the Leaves? Damn Canadians.)

Watch the video, if only for this gem of a quote:

“It’s always good to be Mickaël Piétrus for one day. Always.”