Mike Bibby Got Ejected From His Son’s High School Basketball Game And Loved Every Second Of It

  • Glenn Davis

Much is often made of former athletes’ struggle to adapt to “normal” lives when their careers end. Not all are so terrified that the best times of their lives are already behind them that they attempt to completely cut ties from their athletic careers, but it’s still a real problem many face. Well, we’re not sure if Mike Bibby did what he did at his son’s high school basketball game recently because he hasn’t played in the NBA this year and misses the roar of the crowd. What we are sure of is that once he got a rise out of everyone, he made sure to play it up for every damn thing it was worth:

Truth be told, that’s probably bigger than almost any ovation Bibby got in the last several years he was playing. Hopefully it didn’t make things too weird for his son, who seems to have quite a bit of potential of his own… and hey, we didn’t see the ejection itself. The Bibbys have a history of being wrongly ejected from games – maybe Mike didn’t deserve it at all.

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