Mike Tyson Went To The Knicks Game And Found Time To Say “Sh-t” On TV

  • Tom Lorenzo

It’s a simple concept for most people, but I’m not so sure that Mike Tyson knows how this whole “live television broadcast” thing works. Not after watching him put together this effort in what was supposed to be a fun, a short one-minute interview during halftime of tonight’s Knicks-Kings game.

Though you have to put some of the blame on the MSG Network and reporter Jill Martin, who must have known just how unstable Tyson is. Or, if they didn’t know, well, they were certainly alone in their ignorance. Not a single person watching the broadcast thought interviewing Tyson live on television was a good idea. Even before he dropped an s-bomb. Had he gotten through the segment without saying something stupid or cursing, well now that would have been a shocker.

Somehow, though, Jeremy Lin can single-handedly make this all go away. Really, who cares that MSG will get hit with a fine. They’re now rolling in it, after they reported seeing some huge profits thanks to a young kid from Harvard.