Minnesota State Representative’s Racist NBA Tweet Bounces Around Twitter, Leaves A Big Mess

  • Rick Chandler

Minnesota Republican state representative Pat Garofalo has never been the smartest, most sophisticated man in the room: unless that room is at this event. (Example: In Oct. he proposed that the new Vikings Stadium be allowed to sell guns during games).

But when one mixes dumb with racist, the result is an incredible tweet like this:

Not really sure what prompted this tweet, if anything: quite possibly Garofalo was just sitting around one day and realized he hadn’t been publicly racist lately.

Before we go any further, let’s meet Pat Garofalo:

* In Oct. 2013, objected strenuously to the fact that a provision in the lease for the new Vikings’ stadium prohibits gun sales.

* Forgot how many women are on the Minnesota State Supreme Court.

* Called a teachers’ union a hate group.

* In a spat with liberal blogger Eric Pusey, tried to make a point by tweeting “Your last name tells me all I need to know about you.”

So that’s the level of brain kilowatts and maturity we’re dealing with here.

And now a sampling the reaction so far:

So far I haven’t seen any reaction from actual NBA players, who are probably too smart to get into an argument with him. Because any NBA player with a Twitter account can spot a troll when he sees one, even if he’s wearing a suit.