Michael Beasley’s Rendition Of ‘N Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” Is Something To Behold

  • Glenn Davis

The Minnesota Timberwolves are an improving young team. They’ve posted as many wins in 34 games this season as they did in 82 last year. They’ve got Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. They’ll be a force to be reckoned with sooner rather than later. The shame of it is, though, that while they were all working hard improving dramatically at basketball, they fell out of practice at singing ‘N Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart”:

Michael Beasley’s performance above is one for the ages. With the amount of time it takes him to get comfortable enough to give it a go, we never imagined such passion. Not to take anything away from anyone else – Rubio’s adorableness factor is high as always, and Wesley Johnson gives a passable rendition – but Beasley is the star here by far. If you didn’t watch the video above all the way through, it’s worth it: Beasley only comes out in full force near the end, and he’s spectacular. If he went on a nationwide tour doing karaoke with Rubio serving as a backup dancer:

… we’d be there in a heartbeat.